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CQ Nurse takes your privacy seriously

The National Privacy Principles, as outlined in the Privacy Act places a strict requirement on our business to treat any information you give us as confidential. We adhere to these Principles in regard to any information that is gathered directly from you or in the course of our dealings in relation to you.

The information that we collect

We generally will collect 2 types of information from you - general and sensitive. An example of some of the information that is deemed general would be:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Date of birth and residency status

Information deemed to be sensitive would fall into the following categories:
  • Qualifications, work history, resume and application forms
  • Salary/benefit information and bank account details
  • Drivers licence / passport / visa number
  • References provided through a third party
  • Incidents that have occurred in the work place or on previous placements
  • Criminal history and health checks

It is entirely your choice to provide the information that we have requested of you. If you choose not to provide CQ Nurse with particular information that makes up our recruitment portfolio about you, we may not be best placed to provide the service that you have requested.

We will not collect any personal information about you unless you have provided that information or authorized a third party to provide that information. We request your authority in writing at the commencement of a relationship with you; you are at liberty to exclude those parties that you wish for us to avoid contacting in regards to you. We call this request document a Personal Information Permission Form - PIP.

Where does it come from?
We generally get most of our information directly from you. On other occasions, we may get this information from:

  • Your nominated referees
  • Feedback forms from previous placements
  • Publicly available material - nurses' registration boards etc.

What we do with your information once it is collected...

Your information is utilized for the express purpose of ensuring that we recruit and place personnel in a framework that we deem to be a 'best fit' model. Without an extensive understanding of your employment background, your previous life, social and work experiences and your vision for your professional journey we would have difficulty in presenting you to the right client, presenting you in the most accurate manner and presenting your requirements for both working and living.

We also need your personal information so that we can properly administer as per other Government required regulations, such as laws determining our Taxation, Superannuation and Workcover commitments to you.
Accuracy of information...

We try to ensure that all information we collect, use or disclose about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
If you feel that we do not have accurate and up to date information about you, please notify our Information Manager and we will remedy this situation.

Regular disclosure of personal information

We will disclose personal information to our Clients for the purpose of placing you in specific positions, or job searching for you the specific parameters as outlined to us, by you. We may also disclose your personal information to the following parties outside of CQ Nurse:

  • CQ Nurse's agents or contractors such as our outsourced services relating to administration;
  • Your preferred referees when you have nominated us to provide your information;
  • Your financial institution and nominated Superannuation fund;
  • Government bodies or others as required/authorized by law;
  • Governmental departments required in the assistance of you receiving a service with us, e.g. Immigration Department.

What security is employed in the storage of documents...

Information is catalogued and stored in secure, fire-proof locked cabinets. This information is locked at CoB, daily; this information is only accessed by CQ Nurse personnel requiring this information; CQ Nurse takes every reasonable effort to ensure that your information is secure and contained.

When you no longer wish to have us represent you as an agency, we ask that you nominate, in writing, to have your information either archived for a defined period of time or destroyed - we adhere to either request. However, if you request the information be destroyed, some personal records will be held for a specific period due to statutory requirements.

You may access most of your information upon written request - this may involve administrative costs.

If you believe that our Agency has breached your privacy rights in any way, or you would like to discuss any issues about our privacy policy please Contact us online or post to our Privacy Officer in writing:

Attn: Privacy Officer, CQ Nurse, PO Box 5883, MMC Mackay Q 4740

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