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Guess who is on the Queensland Health Tender?...(Drum roll..) WE ARE!!

As of January 1st CQ Nurse has officially been chosen by Queensland Health to be a preferred supplier of nurses to their facilities via the Standard Offer Arrangement (SOA) 55/4.

In English, this means our nurses now have access to all sorts of exciting facilities across Queensland. While we still specialise in rural and remote placements, under the SOA we can also supply to metropolitan facilities in Queensland. Further to this we will also be able to casual shift fill - as long as it is for a minimum of five shifts.

There are three types of Hospital and Health Services in Queensland which are; rural and remote, metropolitan and regional (you can refer to the map below). For the last two, the rates are the same but for rural and remote contracts they are slightly higher.

It is still up to facilities whether you will be on an agency or placement contract and payment is subject to Queensland Health approved rates. The other major change is that CQ Nurse is no longer able to provide travel assistance for our nurses however we are finding some facilities are able to subsidise travel.

For all the exciting details you can refer to your QLD Health Tender Fact Sheet below! 

Working in QLD with QHealth


Hospital & Health Services by Queensland Health Facilities
Please note that Regional Hospital and Health Services (HHS) and Metropolitan HHS offer the same pay rate to nurses. However, Rural and Remote HHS offer a different rate of pay to the Regional/Metropolitan HHS.
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