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FAQ For Hibernated Nurses  
Hibernation is a way of keeping you in the CQ Nurse loop while you are taking a break from Agency work or busy with other things! 

There are two different ways you may come across the word hibernation; you may have received an email from us saying we are going to hibernate you, this may be because we haven't heard from you in a while, or because you haven't responded to our emails/phone calls so we've assumed that you are no longer interested in continuing with our Agency or you are taking time out. If this is not the case, that is not a problem, just be sure to let us know!

The second way is you have requested the hibernation, perhaps you need a break for a little while, or have other commitments.

Before you are officially Hibernated you will need to get onto your CQ Nursemail account and grab any email correspondence that is important to keep. Once Hibernated you won't have access to CQ Nursemail or 'My Account' (important to note that this means you will no longer have access to the Jobs Board) due to the privacy laws that surround the information contained in these.

Please don't take this personally, we are not trying to get rid of you! We just have to be aware of our privacy issues and ensure that our Active Nurses are privy to the Jobs Board and other important info. Hibernation also means we won't be pestering you to take contracts, so it is also a way for us to give you some space and wait until you are ready to get going again!

We keep all your info on file for 1 to 2 years depending on your situation. During this time it only takes a phone call or email to say you are keen to get back on board and we can re-activate your file.

Depending on how long you have been out of action we may require an updated CV and references. Similarly if there is any paperwork out of date you will need to recomplete this, but usually it is pretty straight forward to get you Active again.

If you don't come back on board, we hope you enjoyed working with us.We'd also love to hear what you get up to post-CQ Nurse if you would like sharing, keep in touch and good luck for the future!

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