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FAQ For Active Nurse's  
So you are active now, what a milestone! Be prepared for lots of excitement coming your way very soon!

You will receive a SMS and/or email providing you with your login details for both your CQ Nurse 'My Account' and CQ Nursemail account. Your 'My Account' features the all-important Jobs Board (remember this is for CQ Nurse's eyes only), handy fact sheets & forms and other great features so is definitely worth a look! The initial login to 'My Account' may be a bit different as the website will prompt you to read the Mandatory Policies before you are able to access any of these other functions. It is just a matter of reading these policies, and individually ticking the box beside the policy and clicking 'I have read this document' for each of these, then the page will reload and you are able to familiarize yourself with all of the functions of 'My Account'.

If you are having major problems with trying to login to either your CQ Nursemail account or 'My Account', please contact our Executive Support Team and they are more than happy to take the time to help you.

If you have managed to get through your login's without problem and without speaking to the Executive Support team it is likely you'll be getting an email or SMS from them very shortly! This is to follow up with your registration paperwork, to see firstly if you received these emails and secondly how you are coping with the paperwork. We don't want you to get overwhelmed with any of this, the only deadlines are your availability dates, as we are unable to present you for contracts until all of your paperwork has been completed. Other than this your paperwork is self-paced, any questions or concerns, the answers are only a phone call or email away!

Once all of your paperwork is returned and completed, aside from celebrating, the Executive Support Team then let the contracts gurus know that you are ready and rearing to go for contracts (as your availability dates permit) and they in turn get started on looking for a job for you. Now is the time to get cracking on the jobs board, as the turnover is so high, we recommend having a quick look daily for any new positions that might come up. When you find a job that you like the look of, definitely put in a Registration of Interest and if your skills set matches that of the position the contract gurus will send you through. Other ways we look for contracts for you are our weekly newsletter, canvassing your details out and offering you as a replacement for nurses already on contract.

Then comes the moment we are all waiting for, you are offered a contract. It is extremely important to fully consider the contract before accepting. Make sure you ask any questions (e.g. days off) as once the contract is accepted your travel and accommodation arrangements will begin to be finalized. It's also important to make a decision and respond to the contract offer in a timely manner, otherwise the facility may offer the contract to someone else. It is a competitive market and people don't like sitting and waiting.

Once on contract we are sure an excellent experience awaits, but if things are not running as smoothly as you like you can contact our Nurse Placement Support officer, we are happy to liaise with the facility or negotiate between the two of you to iron out any issues.

If there comes a time you feel you need a break or to move on, the Recruitment Team will simply move you over to 'Hibernation'.

Q. When do we get paid?
A. A pay week runs from Monday to Sunday. Signed timesheets can be emailed or faxed through to our office on FAX: (07) 4998 5545 or EMAIL: teamfinance@cqnurse.com.au by midday on Monday of each week. Pays are processed and should be available in your bank account the following Thursday.

Q. Do I have to have my timesheet signed?
A. Yes, your timesheet must be signed by your supervisor or other person of authority for that facility. For some nurses, this may require you to complete your timesheet, fax it to your supervisor (who may be in another town) and then fax it to us for processing.

Q. Can another nurse with whom I work sign my timesheet?
A. No, your timesheet must be signed by the authorised person from the facility.

Q. I am working on a contract for CQ Nurse but I am receiving my payslip from the facility. Why don't I get a payslip from CQ Nurse?
A. There are two ways of working with CQ Nurse - one is to be employed by our agency, another the other is to be employed by the facility. If you are employed by us, you are required to fill in a timesheet, fax or email it to us and we pay you. If however, you are employed by the facility, the facility will pay your wages. However, as an added bonus* for you, we pay you a placement bonus for each week worked (paid at the completion of a contract only - this is forfeited if you do not complete your contract in its entirety).

*Not applicable in all states

Q. Are there any bonus's available?
A. Yes, we have many types of bonus's available including:

  • Referral Bonus - 'Bringya-buddy Along'
  • Placement Bonus*

*Not applicable in all states

Q. Will CQ Nurse provide me with a reference?
A. CQ Nurse cannot provide you with a reference verifying your clinical skills as we do not work directly with you. However, if you would like us to provide your next intended employer with information regarding your time with us we are able to give written feedback regarding placements and lengths of service, and any work performance issues, incidents and medication errors that may have occurred, and whether we would be willing to work with you again. Also at your request, we can provide a statement of service demonstrating hours of work and incremental level paid during your employment with us.

Q. What if I like it at my placement and want to stay permanently?
A. This is possible and there would be no cost to the nurse. CQ Nurse will ensure that all parties are satisfied with the intended arrangement and charge the facility a fee to facilitate this transition.

Q. What is the process if I want to work in WA?
A. WA Health operates the provision of agency staff through a body called NurseWest. All contract negotiations need to go through NurseWest, and this process can be confusing and lengthy at times. Once you are active on our books, we can pursue work for you in WA, but unlike other states we require a Registration of Interest before we are able to submit you for a contract. You will also need to be aware of the parameters that NurseWest work under. For more information, check out the Working in Western Australia fact sheet.

Q. What is the process if I want to work in QLD?
A. The recruitment process for QLD Health itself is no different, however there are changes to your entitlements that each and every nurse must clearly understand prior to being submitted for work in QLD. For more information regarding these entitlements please contact one of our staff in the Recruitment team. In the meantime, if you want to have a quick squiz and see what QLD is all about, check out the Working in QLD with QHealth fact sheet.

Working in QLD with QHealth

Q. Can you send emails to my private email rather than my webmail account?
A. Due to the often sensitive and confidential information that we are sending to you by email and the current privacy laws it is important that you utilize your webmail account as we cannot send emails to private addresses. If you are having problems accessing your webmail account, please ring or email our Executive Support Team and they are more than happy to help you.

Q. Why do you keep chasing me for my Orientation Checklist?
A. With the new Harmonisation Laws, Nurses are now responsible for their own Workplace Safety. The Orientation Checklist is our way of making sure you are meeting your obligations, and if any concerns CQ Nurse can address with the facility.

Q. Do I have to wear a uniform?
A. No, you do not have to wear a uniform. We do have CQ Nurse shirts for sale if you wish to purchase one, you can see a list of the different styles on our website. If you choose not to purchase one of these shirts we ask that you wear either a white or navy polo, with black or navy pants. For footwear, we ask that you do not wear running shoes and instead covered navy or black shoes (you can check with a specific facility regarding their uniform policy prior to your commencement.)

Q. Where can I find my Facility Appraisal?
A. Your Facility Appraisal is sent to you as an attachment in the Homeward Travel Confirmation email that you receive towards the end of your contract. If you have any problems viewing or filling out the form please feel free to give us a call.


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