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FAQ For Pre-Active Nurses  
You are now Pre-Active! You've already had a chat with our Enquiry Manager and are now starting out on your journey with CQ Nurse! Don't worry, we are just as excited as you are!

We are now waiting on your PIP (Personal Information Permission) form to be signed and dated and back with us so our Enquiry Manager can get started chasing up two glowing references for you. Your referees are under no obligation to provide a reference for you and sometimes can be a little hard to contact. We always try and get your references sorted ASAP and we want to stay on your referees good side and not hassle them too much, so please be patient with us while we chase them up! If you know they would rather be contacted by email/phone or during a preferred time, just let us know.

Once we have two favourable references for you the next step in the process is arranging a second chat with the contract gurus, who will explain a bit more about how we conduct contracts. This is a very important conversation because we discuss contract acceptances, cancellations and a whole range of other things to do with contracts. If you have any questions or queries this is the perfect time to ask them and we are more than happy to answer them! You have the option now of paying for and getting started on your Mandatory Training, please see the list of questions and answers below for more information on this.

Next you will receive emails from the Executive Support Team with your Registration Paperwork  and employment paperwork. You will probably become quite familiar with the Executive Support Team once you are Active as they will follow up with you every now and again to see how you are coming along with your paperwork, and are the ones to call or email if you have any questions or need any help with the requirements.

Once you are done, you are now Active! Congratulations and welcome on board, we are so excited to have you, and hope you enjoy your time with CQ Nurse as much as we do!

Q.I heard that I need to pay for my own Mandatory Training. Is that true?
A. Yes. With the recent changes to State Health Service requirements for agency nurses, it is now a requirement for ALL AGENCY nurses to have completed Annual Mandatory Training PRIOR to being presented for work. The most efficient way for us to facilitate this is for us to supply agency staff with the required on-line modules on completion of the registration process. As of October 3, 2011, this is a cost that you need to bear UNTIL such time that you commence your first contract with CQ Nurse. This cost will then be reimbursed by us.

Q. I have received the Registration Pack and there is a lot of paperwork, is it all actually necessary?
A. The short answer is yes. We know the amount of paperwork required can be overwhelming, but unfortunately we do need all of it. Our requirements come directly from the facilities who are asking us for the paperwork. The Nurse Immunisation History form is a common dispute; we can only accept immunisation evidence as it appears on the form, again these requirements come directly from the Health Departments, State and Territory.


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